P. Universidad Católica de Chile

Facultad de Ciencias Biológicas
Departamento de Genética Molecular y Microbiología

Plant Systems Biology Lab

Welcome to the Gutiérrez Lab

Job opportunities! We are looking for a highly motivated post-doctoral researcher

Our main goal is to understand how plants sense and respond to nutrients. And in particular, how nutrient signals interact with other signaling pathways to coordinate global gene expression in plants.

  • We are currently taking a systems biology approach ( Gutiérrez, 2012, Gutiérrez et al., 2005) to understand how nitrogen-induced responses are coordinated with other processes in the plant to coordinate growth and development in a changing environment.

  • Our research has both basic and applied significance. Understanding how plants respond to nutrient and how this regulation is integrated with other processes is essential to devise strategies for the improvement of agronomical traits.

Funding sources

Millennium Science Initiative