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Top 10 mistakes students make while writing an expository essay

Writing for beginners can be boring if they have little practice in drafting their works. This especially becomes a problem for those who are not good at drafting assignments or essays. This can also become problematic if your professor is giving you a lot of assignments to write. Writing can also be difficult as you may need to modify your writing style in different assignments as per the instructions. You'll also need to fulfill prompts that may sound easy but are not actually easy for you to do.

How can writing help?

Developing a habit from an early age can greatly help you develop writing skills at the time of high school. For instance, an essay writer that has been composing an essay based on personal narrations in lower classes will definitely excel in the higher standards.

Expository essays are generally referred to as those essays that are elucidating a particular topic. These essays are written to explain a certain topic in detail. These essays can utilize several patterns depending on the topic chosen. Another thing that the essay writer should keep in mind while writing these essays is to refrain from including personal opinions. These essays usually require enlisting the information as per the paper chosen.

How writing an expository essay can be tough?

One of the main reasons that make writing expository essays difficult is the format of the essay. You'll need to draft the essay as per the instructions of the professor. Also, you'll need to look at various types of writing styles and formats available. For a particular essay type, you'll need to work as per that essay requirements i.e., regarding format and topic.

In case you are looking to write a paper free from mistakes, here are ten common mistakes which you must consider to avoid;

  • Incorrect thesis statement
One of the primary mistakes which students make is writing an incorrect main or thesis statement. Most of the time, the statements usually lack the common sense which the writer should deliver to the readers. The statement should be showing the argument or main point as per the topic assigned to them.

  • Irrelevant ideas
Sometimes you may include ideas or concepts that are against the basic theme of the essay. For instance, if you are writing about social issues, a student may get diverted and start to explain their personal opinions about any other things. In this situation, the reader's attention will be diverted, where he or she will not read the remaining part of the essay.

  • Too many grammatical errors
An essay with too many grammatical errors can also result in a decrease in grade. For this, you can ask your senior or any friend by saying “please help me to write my essay as per the professor's instruction”. This will help you to reduce the mistakes that can ruin your essay.

  • Inadequate research
In several instances, students forget to include proper research into the essay. For this, students should research the topic thoroughly and choose content that is explanatory to elucidate the topic chosen. Moreover, the research should be inclusive of all ideas unless an argumentative essay is desired.

  • Sentence structuring errors
Another issue while writing these essays is the sentence structuring errors. In these errors, students do not write sentences as per the requirement of a situation or English grammar rules. For instance, the presence of too many sentence fragments will ruin the purpose of the essay and may lead to a decrease in grade.

  • No sequence
Many students who do not have experience in writing, forget to follow a sequence. They put the concepts haphazardly in the essay, which leads to the reader's frustration. It also makes it difficult to include all ideas as the writer is confused as to how to assort the ideas. In this situation, it's advisable to use a five-para traditional essay format to make the essay more aesthetic to the viewers.

  • Punctuation errors
Writers should also be wary of the punctuation errors which are made while writing. Common errors include a missing comma, incorrect capitalization, pointless quotation marks, and several others. A spell check will greatly help you to identify these mistakes in your document.

  • Non-credible resources
Students often use certain sources that are not credible. Using such resources can also lead to a decline in your grade. This is because most academic writing i.e. assignments will require you to use reliable resources such as scholarly journals or authentic online resources. There is many essay writer are available on the internet.

  • Incorrect vocabulary
While writing an essay, you should be using the right vocabulary. You can choose to keep a dictionary that will help you find the right word for any phenomenon or situation. You can also look for online dictionary tools, such as Google to help you identify the right word for you.

  • Thoughtful introduction and conclusion
While drafting an essay you need to be careful of the introduction. You should include a statement that grabs the reader's attention, as well as generates their interest in a certain topic. You can also ask any essay writing service to help you out in writing an essay with an amazing introduction. This will not only relieve you from the difficult task of generating interesting statements but will also help in getting good grades in your exam.

Summing up, an expository essay is an important tool to deliver information to the readers. I'm hopeful that the blog will help you in the effective writing of various types of essays. For instance, cause and effect, a subcategory of the expository essay, uses several ways to categorize the information. You can also opt for various online services to help you in writing the essay.

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