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The structure needed to develop the essay


In this section, the author provides the reader with a brief summary of the topic under analysis and its hypothesis. The latter can be posed as a question or as a statement to be confirmed. In any case, they are decisions that reflect the pay someone to write my paper author's originality and style.


A presentation of reasons, ideas and perspectives. As much (relevant) data and information as possible should be included here. The author should make clear what the main reasons are for supporting or contradicting the hypothesis in the introduction. Without fail, all opinions are duly supported.


The final part of this essay is a brief review of the discussion in the development to conclude with a solution. Furthermore, a conclusion can raise new unknowns or, in the case of literary or critical essays, reflect a sarcastic tone about a work. On the other hand, bibliographical references appear at the end of the text (where appropriate).

  • Steps of the essay
  • Before writing
  • Interest and research
First of all, the topic to be addressed should be of great interest to the author. Obviously, good documentation is essential. At this point, there are no media limitations: academic texts, newspaper articles, printed brochures, audiovisual material and, of course, the Internet.

How to get online

The vast amount of information available on the internet is an extremely valuable and mega-diverse resource in the midst of fast-paced digital news. However, the use of data obtained from the Internet involves - because of fake news - proper verification of its authenticity.

Get a perspective and draw up an outline

After selecting and researching the topic, the essayist should take a position (to confirm or refute) immediately before presenting the thesis. The writer then develops a writing scheme that will be useful for organizing the order of the argument. That is, what ideas will be discussed in the introduction, development and conclusion, with appropriate citations of the sources consulted.

While writing the essay

  • Ongoing review
Is the completed text understandable to the reader? Are all spelling and spelling rules properly followed? Is the writing style consistent with the topic? Addressing these questions when writing an essay is inevitable. In this sense, the opinion of third parties (for example, a friend) can be useful.
Furthermore, the author should understand that proofreading involves a careful analysis https://essayassistant.net/do-my-homework/ of the vocabulary and punctuation used. Because a comma or a misplaced word can completely change the author's original intention in expressing an opinion. Therefore, the essay should be rewritten as many times as necessary.

  • Publication
Obviously, unknown writers do not have immediate access to mass editorial media. Nevertheless, digitisation has made it easier to disseminate writings through social networks and sources such as blogs, podcasts or special forums. Of course, making a post visible in the vastness of cyberspace is something else (but there is a lot of information on that too).

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